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About clinic research matters

Clinical Research Matters was created by in/ex Marketing in response to negative and false news, social media comments and claims that try to prevent others from participating in clinical research.

As a division of the Alliance for Multispecialty Research, the in/ex Marketing team wanted to find a way to provide valuable information to the general public while also cheering for clinical research.  While it is our job to support clinical research, we truly believe in the incredible value of it.  We understand the long-term benefits to society that clinical research provides and we were growing weary of constantly battling the neighsayers on social media.

We know we will never win over those who are against clinical research.  Even if life slaps them in the face with an illness that is treatable through the efforts of clinical research.  However, we know there are still countless people out there who may still be on the fence about clinical research.  We are here to help them truly understand that #clinicalresearchmatters and why.

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