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Involvement matters

Get involved in clinical research!  Your involvement matters and will have a lasting effect on future generations needing advanced medical treatment.​  Maybe a loved one.  Maybe your child.  Maybe even you.

How can you get involved?

  • If you are in overall good health, consider volunteering for a Healthy Volunteer Study.  These studies are conducted frequently and are typically for vaccinations (Flu, RSV, Pneumonia) that you would most likely get anyway from your physician.  Don't have insurance?  No problem!  It isn't needed.  AND most studies provide compensation for time and travel. 

  • Also consider Healthy Volunteer Studies that are Inpatient Studies such as tobacco studies.  

  • Tell others!  Tell others about this website.  Tell others the facts about clinical research.  And tell others what a difference clinical research makes!  Most research centers also offer a Refer-A-Friend incentive for telling others!

  • Don't wait until you or a loved one desperately needs a life-saving treatment!  Help us discover one today!

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