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Bad examples of "good resources"

A recent clinical research patient visited her eye doctor for an annual vision check.  The optometrist was in shock.  There was visible, permanent damage to the patient's eyes.  The optometrist asked, "Where have you been getting your contact lenses?  I haven't refilled your prescription in years.... how are you getting contact lenses?"


The patient answered:  "On the internet."


She had been ordering contact lenses from a company in Canada.  Even though she thought the online company was reputible, a foreign company does not have to abide by the same rules as optometrists and eye wear professionals in the United States.  


"A few more years of this and you would have experienced some blindness in your vision," the optometrist shared with concern.


The U.S. is different.  Our rules are different.  While many people complain about the red tape that keeps them or a loved one from immediate results, it is all in an honest attempt to keep our citizens safe.  Safe from bad drugs.  Wrong eye wear prescriptions.  Safe from anything that might harm us that has not been tested, reviewed, studied,  tested again,  reviewed again and approved.


Yes, no doubt, the cost of many prescription drugs is crazy hefty.  But that also includes the cost of several phases, an FDA review and final approval so that U.S. citizens are safe when seeking medical treatments, prescriptions, devices and more.  

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